They say time goes by in the blink of an eye. To me, that blink makes the difference between a missed opportunity and an unforgettable photo.
As a photographer with a strong emphasis on live experiences, my lens isn’t the only thing in-focus, but so is my view on the world. Although daily life greatly inspires me, my heart lies with those not-so-daily moments. The special ones, so to say.  I love to be part of those days, hours and seconds during which others create memories that will last a lifetime and will let me witness them from up close.

I often get to do so during big, bombastic shows or smaller, dynamic events. My assignments might be versatile – from big festivals and b2b events to culinary event reports and everything in-between – I secretly prefer those environments in which things are continuously evolving.  Sprout, arise. Where each moment is unique and where each glance holds a new perspective. In an intimate setting where everything revolves around that single subject right in front of my shutter or right where the masses meet to each write their own (hi)story.
To me, dynamic equals energy. And if there is something that characterizes me as a person and as a photographer, it would be energy.

The fuel I put into my relations and assignments. In search of that thrill that stems from pushing beyond any boundaries. Searching for that place where that pushing goes hand-in-hand with the needs of my clients, is what makes me tick. Because let’s face it, fireworks hide in that space between the unknown and the status quo and from doing things well and with the highest possible quality and amount of integrity. For me as a creative, for my clients and brands as communication tools.

I like to keep my foot on the ground but do believe the sky is the limit. I very much enjoy switching to the highest gear and feeding my work and clients all of my energy. When I am not peering through my lens, I search for my adventures. Through traveling or through the discovery of new cultures. Or by hopping on my snowboard or putting on my sneakers to conquer the Vondelpark.

Whether I shoot in the Netherlands or on the other side of the world: almost everything I eternalize contains a human element. Making new friends along the way, immersing myself in the realms of others.

Looking for a sparring partner? Count me in!

My most recent work consists of assignments for clients such as Booking.com, RTL Live Entertainment and Shoot My Food Communications. Here, you will find a selection of all the work I’ve done in the last years. Curious to see the actual work around the client? Just click the logo.